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       The new boy on the block
Happy Huddy
Garden Party 2008 - Friday walk
Cash - National Park
Bumble Bee - Garden Party 2008
   Xmas message - 2008
Dogs Day Out - Taranaki 2009                                                                                               Monty - Dogs Day Out
Dogs Day Out                                                                                                                         Dogs Day Out
Dogs Day Out                                                                                                                       CH Murrens Mist of Estcarp - 8 years
A young Essie and her pal Magnum
Jake having cuddles
Grandma - Dorli 
Two veterans - Sultan 10.5 & Schillagh 7.3 - Bernalese Bernese
Misty Auckland walk
Schallenberg Soul Man - Tonka in the garden
Zara doing what she loves doing
Brina - doing what she always does - upside down!
Max, Piers, Jack, Bessie & BJ enjoying Waitarere Beach
Emmerson - after his run!! 
Cash on HIS boat with his dad Ken.
    Silvretta Elusive Lady - Zoe
Teddy - after doing the garden!!         
Chris and Devnver - Carting - Garden Party 2010
Kartia - Third generation Silvretta

Sisters, Wumple, Jolie & Meg at 11 weeks old in 2007 



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