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A Short History
Bernese Mountain Dogs first arrived in New Zealand in 1973 when Doreen Murdoch emigrated from the UK, bringing with her Kisumu Achilles as the foundation sire of her "Durrbachler" breeding programme.  The bitch Kisumu Bonne Chance followed shortly after but died tragically without reproducing and was replaced with Kisumu Desiree.  Later the male, NZCH Majanco Chianti and a further bitch, NZCH Forgeman Fancy arrived and these imports formed the foundation of the breed in New Zealand.  Mrs Murdoch is thought to have bred only four litters but exported several bitches to Australia also to establish the breed there.  Breeders and owners today, own an enormous debt of gratitude to Mrs Murdoch for going to such great lengths to bring this beautiful breed to our country.
Yvonne Fison-Bates (also from the UK) brought a bitch from one of the Durrbachler litters to establish her Balahu kennel in Auckland.  Yvonne bred her first Bernese litter in 1980 and kept breeding until she returned to the UK in the early 2000's.  Yvonne imported a male, NZCH Meiklestane Dusky Emperor (Hasso) from the UK and later jointly imported NZCH Clashaidy Winged Dagger (Carlo) in 1985 with Steve and Barbera Tate of Estcarp Bernese in Taranaki.  Barbera had purchased CH Balahu Dark Empress CDX (Penny) as a puppy from Yvonne in 1983 and she became the foundation bitch for Estcarp.
In the mid-late 80's the Tates and other enthusiasts joined to form a Club holding yearly Garden Parties and publishing a quarterly newsletter for owners and enthusiasts.  The Club is still operating over 25 years on.
In the early 90's in an effort to increase substance and size in the NZ Bernese, Steve & Barbera imported the Swedish bitch NZCH Swedeana (Brenna) and Linda & Chris Jury imported the Swedish male NZCH Jamakis Lucky Swede (Eiger).  Eiger sired two Estcarp litters and Brenna produced one litter to Eiger and then a second to the Tates new Swedish male Clangulas Starbound (Wasa).  Sadly, Brenna became ill and passed away at only 4 1/2 years old but she left a notable impact in her offspring and subsequent generations.
The 90's were a boom time for imports with more than 20 arriving - predominantly from Australian breeders.
Show entries increased dramatically with the breed's rise in popularity and recognition.  As a minority breed, they were often overlooked for higher accolades but group placings started to become more prevalent in the mid-late 90's with a few males in particular becoming quiet consistent at group and in-show level in the late 90's - early 2000's.
In 1998 Nathalie Sperling moved from Queensland to New Zealand with her two adult Bernese.  Her male "Ortez" (Aust/NZCH Vindissa Night Man o War) was already very successful in the Australian showring with 3 BIS's, over 80 Group and In Show awards and 950 CC points.  He proved just as consistent in New Zealand including Best in Group at the Nationals Curtain Raiser show in 2003 at almost 10 years of age, demonstrating that Bernese often get even better with age.  Sadly Ortez passed away at the grand age of 13.
Can/AM/NZ/Aust CH Turi V Bernetta, (Turi), a Swiss import arrived in NZ in 2001.  A wonderful gift from a very generous breeder in Canada, Kiki Menegoz who had imported him as a puppy, to shape the future of Lisa Stevenson's kennel - Anahera.  Turi spent 6 months in Australia in 2004 and became the only Bernese in Australasia to have four show CH titles.  He sired his 27th litter in 2007 and has CH offspring in 3 continents.
Sennenhof Hanspeter arrived in 2003 - bred by Turi's former owner in Canada and was used to good effect, particularly with Turi daughters - before his tragically premature death in 2005.  A very solidly built male, he has left a legacy of increased substance and improved type in the 6 litters he sired in NZ.  His influence is strongly evident in his daughters.  
Zanzebern Kennels was founded on Norwegian imports and their influence is now widely felt throughout the NZ gene pool, more recently interspersed with new blood from her Swedish, Dutch and Belgian dogs. 
More new lines hit our shores in 2002 with the arrive of NZCH Makker Romany Bergerac to Margaret Davies in Taupo.  Bergerac's sire was of full Norwegian parentage from the Zanzebern Kennel but his dam line was unique in NZ.  His dam CH Bernedalen's Gypsy is the litter sister the World CH BMD winning bitch SUCH/NUCH Bernerdalens Gina.  Their sire was two time World CH BMD and Crufts winner from Denmark, INT CH Sennetta's Sixten.
Several imports have come with emigrating owners from various countries, although Australia remains the most constant source of new lines to NZ breeders.  They have enjoyed an increase in numbers of new dogs and lines available and it is widely accepted that it's a much easier way for us to find something new than importing from the Northern Hemisphere.
(* Indicates Berners who immigrated with their family)
1973    Kisumu Achilles      	                                    UK  /  Murdoch                  
1974    Kisumu Bonne Chance                                   UK  /  Murdoch
1975    Biggestrom Thor                                          UK   /  Johnson
1975    Biggestrom ?                                               UK  /  Johnson

1975    NZCH Majanco Chianti                                   UK  /  Murdoch

1975    NZCH Kisumu Desire                                     UK  /  Murdoch

1977    NZCH Forgeman Fancy                                  UK  /  Murdoch
1982    NZCH Meiklestane Dusky Emperor                    UK  /  Fison-Bates

1985    NZCH Clashaidy Winged Dagger                       UK  / Tate

1986    Choristma Antipodean Mutz                            UK  /  Jackson

1986    NZCH Tudorhill Country Squire                         Aust  /  Clunie

1987    NZCH Valleyvu’s Charleswood Hannah               Canada  /  Toomey

1988    Branbern Ambition                                        Aust  /  Toomey

1988    Branbern Dark Karma                                   Aust  /  Longstaff

1988    Branbern Black Douglas                                 Aust /  Freeman

1988    NZCH Tudorhill Dark Amber                            Aust  /  Tate

1988    NZCH Coligny Edelweiss                                  UK  /  Fison-Bates

1989    Duntiblae Dark Double                                    UK  /  Toomey

1990    Coliburn Hennessey                                       UK  / Toomey

1991    NZCH Glanzberg Ingot                                   UK /   Fison-Bates

1992    NZCH Zeigen Flair For Balahu                          Aust  /  Fison-Bates

1994    NZCH Swedeana                                          Sweden  /  Tate    

1994    NZCH Jamakis Lucky Swede                           Sweden /  Jury    

1994    Darlpark Rochcombe                                     Aust  /  Sieffert

1995    NZCH Zeigen Jubilation                                   Aust  /  Stevenson

1995    Clangulas Starbound                                      Sweden  /  Tate

1995    NZCH Zeigen Kiwi Konexion                             Aust  /  Cocking

1995    Zanzebern Nordelinglen                                  UK  / Dassler

1996    Zeigen Nightshade                                        Aust  /  Cocking

1996    NZCH Makker Nordic Frey                              Aust  /  Davies

1996    NZCH Zanzebern Indiana                               Aust  /  Dassler

1996    Dolpena Miday Frost*                                    UK  /  Williams

1997    NZCH Zeigen Viena After Dark                         Aust  /  Stevenson

1997    Zeigen Utopian Dream                                   Aust  /  Gallagher

1997    Zeigen Xpression of Innocence                        Aust  /  Shaw

1997    Korewal Big Boots                                         UK  /  Perkins
1998    Zeigen Zugabe                                             Aust  /  Shaw

1998    Aust/NZCH Vindissa Night Man O War*              Aust  /  Sperling        

1998    Aust/NZCH Zeigen Ulani*                                Aust  /  Sperling

1998    NZCH Ringo                                                 Sweden  /  Hardegger

1999    NZCH Jamakis Inca Coya                               Sweden  /  Tate    

1999    Branbern Luvabear                                       Aust  /  Ivens

2000    NZCH Abbwinmur Night Caitlin                          Aust  /  Sperling

2001    Aust/NZCH Zanzebern Chiquitita (AI)                 Aust  /  Stevenson

2001    Zanzebern Laphroaige                                    Aust  /  Stevenson

2001    Zanzebern Hey Baby                                     Aust  /  Wagner

2001    NZCH Branbern Special Blend                           Aust  /  Ivens

2001    Can/Am/NZ/Aust CH Turi V Bernetta                Switz  /  Stevenson

2001    Rolotebe Abiska                                            Aust  /  Davies & Langford

2001    NZCH Zanzebern Turi’s Tutu                           Aust  /  Hardegger

2001    NZCH Zanzebern Topsy Turi                           Aust /  Stevenson

2001    NZCH Zanzebern Ace Venturi                           Aust  /  Stevenson

2001    Elliot*                                                          Italy  /  Fogden

2002    Zanzebern Super Natural                                Aust  /  Sperling

2002    NZCH Makker Romany Bergerac                      Aust  /  Davies

2002    NZCH Zeigen Radiant Lady                             Aust  /  Peters

2002    Zanzebern Shiraz                                          Aust  /  Davies

2002    Zanzebern Scallywag                                     Aust  /  Walden

2002    Zeigen Tapestry Rug                                    Aust  /  Blair

2002    Zeigen Forget Me Knot*                                Aust  /  McDougal

2003    Sennenhof Hanspeter                                   Can  /  Stevenson

2003    Bernation Zachary Jack*                               Aust  /  Dempsey

2003    Zoe*                                                        USA  /  Demeter

2004    Zanzebern Aja                                            Aust  /  Davies

          Zeigen Bramble Bush                                    Aust  /  Peters

2005    Zeigen Hippogriff                                         Aust  /  Markheva

          My Lucy Lockett *                                       UK  / Denham      
          Engetal Sorren Tide*                                    UK  /  Barnes & Coley            

2006    NZCH Zollikon Follow Th’ Dream                      Aust  /  Lewis

          NZCH Makker Hudson                                   Aust  /  Davies

2008    NZCH Sagekeep’s Divine Savignon                   USA  /  Langford

          NZCH Hvalbernern’s Ablaze Deeodin                 Norway / Stevenson

          Zeigen Special Delivery                                  Australia / Freemantle

2009    NZCH Alpenspirit’s Oceans Apart                     Canada / Stevenson
          NZCH Harley V D Klaverhoeve                        Belgium / Gadson
          Zanzebern Grecian Prince*                             Aust / Turkington       
          NZCH Sennen Maden Heaven                         Aust / Jury
2010   Oreghegyi-Macko Feuertanzer                         Hungary / Stevenson
          AM/NZ CH Skylyn's Powder Keg                       USA / Stevenson
          Sproga Porto Dolli *                                       Latvia / Vensberga
2011    Alpenhund Dash For Gold                               Aust / Peters
           NZCH Sennen Vintage Verdelho                        Aust / Jury
           NZCH Vevey Beowulf v Blassis                         Aust / Sperling
2012    NZCH Zollikon Foreign Affair V Blassis                  Aust / Sperling
2013    Double Fantasy z' Kraina Zeusa                        Poland / Stevenson




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